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From Perrin Technique patients

  • Rita Williams

    As a result of a chance conversation in January 2003 I was recommended to seek help from a certain Raymond Perrin. I had for the previous 18 months visited my GP on a weekly basis. I had been racked with pain, lost my ability to think and formulate adequate conversations and undergone some dire clinical tests. My symptoms were treated with disbelief and all I had been offered were anti-depressants “ that might ”help. Raymond spent over an hour talking to me and physically examining me, after which he confirmed that I was ill and named the illness, M.E “Hurray” it was such a relief to find someone who understood completely my medical condition and could treat me. I attended Raymond’s clinic regularly where the treatment was administered with kindness and understanding.
    We did our share at home, my husband having been taught the massage and exercise regime, and gradually I improved. My life was returning to normal and I could even plan an evening out. There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Raymond and his dedication in searching for the truth in respect of M.E.

  • Judith - Manchester

    In support of the Perrin Technique

    When Judith was diagnosed with CFS/ME 10 years ago, she was told she would be cured in two years time. When she wasn't, the specialist said if she was not better after eight years she would have CFS/ME for life. We went to Dr. Raymond Perrin ‘beyond hope’ as it were, but willing to try anything to get well. We have found the Perrin Technique: regular massage and exercise, healthy diet and supplements, to be the key towards success. Here was the first actual treatment we had come across. Specialists and doctors only treated the symptoms – nausea, pain, etc – despite the help they provided, their side-effects often caused as many problems with the drugs they used – Tramadol producing ‘brain fog’ and amitryptilyne more fatigue for instance.
    Reducing these prescribed drugs became a priority. Judith had gone through the ‘Exercise for Life’ programme at the hospital that many have refused because it seemed too strenuous. But it kick-started her body back into life, if rather painfully at first. This was followed up by a physiotherapy programme at our local hospital. At the end of this she was recommended to perform regular stretching exercises, such as those offered by a yoga class. This led us to begin attending the class held by our ME support group and found it to be very helpful. We had many supplements, recommended by doctors and specialists, other sufferers, magazines and books. We ate healthily. Judith’s husband had trained in body massage with the idea of promoting health in Judith by giving her a daily treatment but we never got ourselves into a routine of doing this regularly.
    Then we went to Dr. Raymond Perrin and recognised the simple truth of his technique – after a sceptical appraisal of what was involved, which was typical of our approach as we looked at the many ‘treatments’ we had tried and rejected over the years. Because of Massage training, we could see the value of consistent lymphatic drainage, which Judith now had each day. We also applied Alexander Technique to the spine and Tai Chi tapping to the thoracic duct that Dr. Perrin had identified as the main drainage area. Judith’s typical day has now been extended as she has required shorter periods of rest and has managed to get up earlier. Judith has undergone 12 months of sessions so far. She is not yet cured, still undergoing treatment and we suspect she will always have a weakness to fatigue, but we have a life together now instead of living with an invalid who could do little for herself.
    Looking back we can see that we were on the right lines with treatment, but Dr Perrin gave us a structure to work with, supervision and the impetus and encouragement to apply the treatment and self-manage the improved health. He gave us the framework for daily massages with increasing exercises, working with his vast experience of similar cases and pointing in the right direction for supplements, that we needed. Before this we had not seen much improvement in Judith’s condition because we were not pro-active enough without Dr Perrin’s support, based on his years of scientific research enabling him to give expert information. We must say we could not have afforded this Technique without the support of a relative. It should be part of the NHS, it would save a vast sum of public money on medication and diagnosis and folk would actually get better and have more of their life back, optimising health to live better within their limitations.

  • Shipra Khan

    I started seeing Ray Perrin in 2000 after six years of suffering with ME. When I started treatment with Ray I was virtually house bound and could only walk a few meters and in constant pain all the time. I am now holding down a full time job and went skiing for the second time last Christmas! When I started treatment with Ray, his was the main source of treatment I was receiving and has significantly helped me towards recovery.

  • Elisabeth Smith

    I started getting too tired in the afternoons whilst at college, aged 20. By the time I was 28 I couldn't work any more and got my diagnosis through regular medical channels, in 1993. I went downhill for a few years after that, and became half-bed-bound with weakness. Life was an enforced, bored, lonely and misunderstood uselessness, as I was unable to process written words or speech either. I was pregnant with my first child in 1997 when I heard about Dr Perrin and he agreed to treat me. He told me that it would probably only take six treatments and that was very hard to believe after spending thousands of pounds on alternative health products and methods to no avail by then. But he was right. I was well, within weeks, after twelve years of a miserable life. It is incredible to me even now when I think about it.
    What Dr Perrin does isn't a miracle, because he physically shifts the physical muck out of you, but it certainly feels like it. And I remember his last words to me as I left the room for the last time were, "Keep your back loose!!" I haven't always taken the time to look after myself as I should, but when I start to feel "tired" I remember those words and on investigation, realise that my back has tightened up, that I haven't exercised it, that I haven't taken that walk outdoors, and that I have overdone things lately, etc., and I know now how to get things back in sync.

    I am deeply grateful to Dr Perrin. (Thank you!) Today (11 Nov 2009) I discovered his website and I'm delighted to see that his work is now taking effect around the globe. I am in Canada now. Any practitioners over here yet? I'm already spreading the word :)

  • Jade`s story

    If you’d asked me a year ago I’d have, reluctantly, said that there was no cure for M.E. I would have hated saying it but that is what I honestly thought. The wheelchair that had become my cage would be there forever, I would never be ‘normal’ and I would spend the rest of my life trapped by this bullying git of a disease. For the first time, I am happy to say... “I was wrong.” (and that doesn’t happen often!) The reason for my sudden change of opinion, a revolutionary treatment called The Perrin Technique. It all started one miserable evening in February this year, I was fully wheelchair bound, standing wasn’t even an option, white as a sheet, barely eating, barely speaking and absolutely given up when the phone rang. To be perfectly honest, I groaned when I heard it...especially when it was someone for me, but I made the effort to speak as contact from the outside world was a rare thing. It was a friend and fellow M.E sufferer who had heard through the grape vine of this treatment and was giving it a try, maybe I’d like to give it a go too. She said it was massage based and had had brilliant results. What did I have to lose. I made an appointment for the 17th February 2010, well and truly the day that changed my life.

    At the initial consultation Dr Perrin explains what The Perrin Technique is in detail, but the long and short of it is.... M.E is caused by the lymphatic system, which helps disperse toxins, bacteria, virus’ etc around the body, doesn’t work properly due to a spinal problem. Before you say that you don’t have a spinal problem and it must be wrong just think... did you ever fall badly as a child? Did you have a complex birth? Etc. Any number of things can cause the misshapen spine which is fundamental in having M.E. When the spine is not in the correct position it disrupts the lymphatic flow from the brain meaning that this substance carrying all the toxins (anything from dust to chemical sprays to pain killers are all toxins) that we all come in contact with on a daily basis are backed up and stored in our brains, basically poisoning us from the most vital organ we have. This explains why M.E can be so varied and sometimes, just plain weird. The cause of M.E is obviously much more complex than this but as I’m lacking a PHd, I think I’ll leave it at the highlights.

    When I went to see Dr Perrin he went through his diagnostic technique. First he takes a full medical history, trust me there is nothing that he won’t want to know about you. Then, he carries out a series of observational tests to find out if you have M.E, they are all non invasive and the only painful thing is finding a sensitive spot in your chest and abdomen and that is only for a second. He’ll then tell you if you have M.E or not, if you do he’ll get you started on the treatment, if not, he’ll help you to find out what you do have. He will never leave you in the lurch not knowing. As part of the diagnosis session you will also be given a Perrin Scale number, the scale goes from 0, which is actually dead, to 10, which is perfectly healthy. You will be reassessed for this number every 6 weeks or so during a slightly longer session so that you can see your progress throughout treatment. The treatment itself consists of a weekly session with an osteopath for chest and back massage as well as cranial osteopathy, daily head, neck and chest massage which you do yourself and a daily back massage that you will need a helper to assist you with. Dr Perrin himself is based in and around Manchester but there are treatment centres with registered Osteopath’s all around the country who are all trained by Dr Perrin and have a annual catch up course.

    At my first consultation with Dr Perrin I was told I was a 3 on his scale. Pretty much I was ‘circling the drain’, I knew I was bad but having someone else confirm just how sick you are really hits home and I was determined to beat this disease. For the first time in years I had actual hope. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was going to make me well again, I was going to have a life and I was not going to be stuck in my cage any longer. A mere 7 months later here I am. I have a life. I can walk, speak, and have a relatively normal life. I’ve started college, I’m learning to drive, I’m me again, not M.E. I’m now a 7 on the Perrin Scale and within a year I should be a 10.Originally my treatment plan was for 3 years, but I’ve had a very quick reaction to the treatment, as well as some pretty rare ones but still, to just think that I could be better than I ever hoped in just that short time still amazes me which is why I want to get other people on the treatment, it truly changes your life. So don’t just be an M.E statistic anymore, be well, have a life, have a future and live. Don’t become a 0, be a 10.