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German School of Osteopathy conference in Berlin

December 2014

In December Dr. Perrin was an invited speaker at the 11th International and Interdisciplinary Symposium of Osteopathy “Fluids and Osteopathy” held at the impressive Urania conference centre organized by the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland.

Congratulations go to Christian Ciranna-Raab and Torsten Liem from the OSD for organizing such an amazing event, the largest osteopathic conference in Europe. The conference attended by around 800 practitioners was to showcase the latest fluid research findings and their applications in osteopathy and osteopathic practice. The other lecturers were from all parts of the Globe. As well as some who were closer to home such as Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Bauer and German osteopathic educator Ralf Vogt.

And some who had travelled from the other side of the world such as New Zealand osteopath Phillip Beach. Philip an osteopath and chiropractor talked about archetypal postures and contractile fields. Looking at the history of mankind one was able to model maps of large fields of movement in the body as well as looking at postures developed not only in ones personal development but also through mankinds evolutionary history. Other notable lecturers included leading osteopathic physician in the field of brain and lymphatic drainage from Arizona, author of ‘Silent waves‘.

Dr. Bruno Chikly MD, DO (US). His lecture demonstrated that by palpation of the brain and spinal cord one can assess the CSF drainage that forms a pivotal role in the fundamantals of my research over the past twenty five years. He also gave workshops on how to palpate and treat CSF disturbance in the cisterns, parenchyma and the venticular system. Dr Chikly is the first doctor/osteopath that I did not have to explain the theory behind the Perrin Technique as he teaches all about the neuro-lymphatic system or the glymphatic suystem as he calls it (from the Rochester University study...Illif et al 2012).


Also from the US were leading osteopathic scientist Dr. Lisa M. Hodge PhD who showed that using animal model studies osteopathic treatment did not show a detiremental effect to malignancy. Her work received a voice of disaproval from one of the delegates in the crowd who was angered that osteopathy had to rely on animal experimentation. I felt proud that with demonstrations within our own conferences...osteopathy had finally arrived!

One of the leading members of The Cranial Academy in The US, Dr. R. Paul Lee lectured on the intelligence of the tide and of course last but never least Prof. Dr. Frank Willard with the latest anatomical findings of the lymphatic system.

Dr. Perrin’s main lecture was titled ‘Swimming against The Tide….The Treatment of Neurolymphatic Disorders’ given on the first morning to 800 delegates, followed by workshops on the physical signs of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and the therapies that help the disorder .Also from the UK besides Dr Perrin was the British School of Osteopathy’s Jerry Draper-Rodi questioning the way osteopaths conventionally treat lymphatic problems and John Lewis (who gave a rendition of his wonderful cranial osteopathy song at the confernce gala dinner) and Dr Perrin had the pleasure of meeting of the lecturers from his time at the BSO in the early 1980’s Maxwell Fraval who has been one of the leading osteopaths in Australia since. He went back to basics of osteopathic philosophy giving workshops on the rule of the artery in clinical practice So much was discussed at the jam packed conference but the highlights for Dr. Perrin was the effect of manual treatment on a new micro-circulation system which was shown in a multicolour film using electron-microscopy by Professor Bauer and the confirmation of new discoveries regarding the lymphatics and cerebral spinal fluid that forms the basis of The Perrin Technique.

Also of interest to practitioners is that recent research has shown that even exerting maximum pressure when working on soft tissue there is no evidence of any damage to lymphatics.